[FR] Open plugins in same window

Since one 4-band-EQ per channel is just not enough for an EQ in a non-music post-app, I have to use a third-party EQ in each channel.

It would be great if same plugins could (per option?) open in the same window, so that I don´t have to open and close each EQ plugin manually every time when using it. That´s a big waste of time, and something I really like in PT.

…Just like the new surround panner, it´s great there!..

Huge +1 for this.

I’ve bypassed this issue to a degree by setting up open/close remote commands… but it’s still a pain… especially when you forget to close a plug, move to the next track, open… now there are two eq’s open and you have to stop and fix the situation… I would love it if you could say… I would love it if it behaved like the panner does… I would buy another monitor just to have plugs up all the time.

totally minor I know… but I’ve noticed that the more you weed out things that break your creative focus… the more annoying the ones that are left actually are.


There used to be a feature , i think in V4, where if you clicked on the “e” at the top of the insert panel, it would open all the plugin windows. It was great

Can you share these commands with us? I’d be interested in using these.

As per Kid, these commands are only available as generic midi controller commands in: (VST Mixer/Selectd/Sends 1/Edit)

When I just closed 16 GUIs of the same(!) EQ which were opened on top, I thought it would be a good time to


There is a command available for keys and midi called close all plugins or something like that. I can’t recommend the plugin editor open close commands enough, coupled with the close all command close by :slight_smile:

Indeed I have the “open/close-commands” programmed to my midi-device, and I also have the “close all open plugs” set up on my mackie, but I really like to set up a free and perpetual place on my screen where I always can see the EQ of the selected channel. Just the way it works in PT.

…and I have to admit, that I just always forget closing the plugin via my key command after using them. And “closing all plugs” closes - as it is named - all plugs, even those Master-Plugins (like metering, limiter, etc), which I want to see permanently.

another thing would be an eq with more bands…

Let’s say: A good-sounding eq with more bands…