[FR] Open recent project page - Open last saved


I made this mistake so many times and rarely I remember.
On the opening page where Im askd if I want to open the Last project opened, i do a mistake.
I ALWAYS forget that this is the last project I opend and not the last project I saved.

tons of times i open the project to work on something totaly differnt then day before and dont get what is wrong…til 3-4 hours later!
“f”§$"%king hell" this is before yesterday work!"-

Please - change the opening page of Nuendo from “last opened” to “last saved”.


You don’t even need to use that “opening page” I don’t.
That will make you chose what you do want to work on. Like listed under recent projects in the file menu…
Just a thought

yeah but i do think its a useful page, just working wrong.
the next time i will open my computer, I will want to have the last version of a project.
I do find this feature very productive.