FR - open several panels in other monitor


I have a request for Dorico’s future …

I work with three monitors, and I would like to have the ability to keep several panels open in a separate monitor, so as not to “steal” space from the score when the panels are opened.

I would also like to be able to open in a separate window all the options that open below, that would be really very useful and would avoid a lot of clicks.

thank you for the quality of the software and for the assistance on this forum!

This is already possible:

The OP might want to open just the panels on a different monitor… Panels would need to be detachable… I think it would be very cool to be able to do this, like keeping VST windows open separately in a DAW…


The trouble is that the panels are context dependent on which mode that particular window is in (e.g. Setup, Write, Engrave…).

If the panels are in a separate window (and you can have multiple windows in different modes, and multiple documents), how will it know what to show?


Just brainstorming here, but maybe by undocking relevant panels? That can show their parent process/document in the title bar or something?

So the panels would be linked only to one particular document, and you would have to change that link, or create new panels for a new window/document.

Sounds like a lot of work, when you could just press Command 0 to show/hide the panels.

Well, I really have no horse in this race, as I’m already in awe by the multi-instance/multi-window capabilities of Dorico…
And I’d actually have trouble imagining a workflow where this would make indeed sense… :wink:
I guess, I just wanted to interpret the OP’s idea…

All good,

thanks, i already knew this function which i use a lot. my suggestion also referred to opening the right panels in writing mode

that’s exactly what I meant

exact. I can show / hide panels, but being able to have them open at the same time on another monitor would be really convenient for me. for example being able to keep the panels of dynamics symbols, barlines, arriculations open … I understand the difficulty of “obscuring” them when switching from writing mode to engrave mode, however … it would be a great convenience!

An even greater convenience is to use the popovers (

When I started using Dorico I was opening all the panels. But over time I have learnt that the popovers are much quicker, surprisingly intuitive, and don’t occupy screen real estate.


The interface is just fine as it is. Multi window, which are configurable. If by panel what you mean is the lower, left, right and top info panels, you can have a separate window with those all enlarged to maximum (and it will still have a central view of the score or MIDI, but that’s fine) and keep them minimize on your main panel.

I prefer instead to have multiple modes open, the main being Write, and Engrave and Play on two other windows on the two other screens. Panels are whatever is convenient, in Play Dorico 4.0 will be the piano roll probably, and I usually keep the bottom panel closed in Write as I don’t often have to touch those settings.

Oh and if you don’t want to have panels ‘steal’ real estate just hide them, nice built in functionality.