FR: "Optical Alignment" option for punctuation marks in lyrics

This is obviously low priority since it is easily adjusted, but I would love it if, like publishing apps, there was an option to exclude punctuation marks from the calculations of textual alignment. This would be useful at the beginning of lines of stacked lyrics (see below), as well as when you have a column of words stacked & centered under a note, some with punctuation and some without. I find myself always nudging words to align the letters themselves, irrespective of the punctuation that follows. This is particularly obnoxious when you have a situation such as " be still my heart— " with the long dash, which will really bump the word “heart” over quite a bit and always needs adjusting. I imagine this could pose problems for spacing calculations and may well be more trouble than it’s worth… (assign a padding value?). But it never hurts to ask, and it would sure be one of those little suave details that really makes Dorico shine amongst its peers.

[The default positions the " mark to the right of the red line.]

Yes, this is on the backlog for future implementation.

I would appreciate this feature too.

Me too !