FR: option-left/right arrow not leaving behind rest

I absolutely love the option left/right arrow feature, which is immensely useful. I only wish to have an option that would stretch out the ending note so that I don’t have to fill up the rest it left behind when things are moved. I know it’s easy enough to fill up the gap, but doing things in one single step makes the feature more complete in my opinion. Thanks.

You could record a macro of both actions in direct succession and maybe assign a shortcut to that?

But I absolutely wouldn’t want to conflate these two functions. When I move a note, I don’t expect its duration to change!!

Have you assigned “Extend duration to next note” (or whatever it’s called) to a key command? As klafkid said, easy to make it a macro.

I find that it’s useful for arranging purpose. (It’s like dragging the beginning of a note in a piano roll, a very common thing to do in a sequencer.) I’m just proposing another extra option for doing things. I’m not trying to alter the original function in any way.

Of course I’ve assigned a short cut to “Extend duration to next note”. Well, my suggestion is just a little perspective from the arranging point of view.

Also there are certain difficulties to set a macro for that when I’m moving a bunch of notes around.