FR Option to add New 'Empty' Midi Track


When creating a new midi-track in a new project the track defaults to using Micro Sonic.
That’s kinda ok but…

…the minor ‘annoyances’ start when you create additional Midi Tracks as the ‘instrument’ is copied from the previously selected Midi Track!

When using Multi-Out AUv3’s creating a new track creates a track using the next available output which is not always the desired option.

Ie. I might load a Multi Out capable AUv3 on one track and then I want to use another AUv3/Built-In Instrument/External Midi on the next new track…

…currently when selecting ‘Add Midi Track’ I get a new Midi track using the next ‘track/output’ from the AUv3 or a duplicate instance of the previously used instrument depending on what was selected.

With ‘heavy on the CPU’ AUv3’s it’s NOT a good idea to duplicate a track with a plug-in instance potentially creating a situation where the CPU gets overloaded…

To ‘solve’ this situation and an option to create an ‘empty’(‘No Instrument’) midi-track.