FR: option to assign short repeat barlines

I’ve been trying to use the short barline glyphs as “real” barlines, with all the rights and privileges thereunto.

They certainly exist, because I can create custom PT’s for them (see below). But I can’t find a popover for them, or any way to modify barlines I’m not using to display them.

If this indeed isn’t possible, I’d appreciate the consideration. Thanks!

can they be used as lines with a transparent line in the middle?
(Have yet to fully explore the capabilities of the line editor)

a very quick workaround with lines
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-22 um 18.53.16.png

Well, a custom playing technique would accomplish pretty much the same thing more quickly. Unless this method does give some advantages I’m not thinking of.

it can be placed inside the staff automatically, and also it is just one element. It’s a small advantage, maybe…