FR: "Paste to X stave(s)" & UI Suggestion

Dorico Team,

Request: Add a "Paste to X stave(s) feature, which would allow me to quickly copy my Violin 1 part to various other staves.

It’s pretty obvious why this would compliment the “Filter Selection to Voice 2” type of feature you guys intend to add next year. Although I want to offer a UI request as well. I could see why a checkbox list might be the default thought here. Although, I believe that would make it sluggish to use.

In Dorico:
I’d also add an option to paste at the same position as the source or the playhead.

Functionality Example of the selection method: click+drag / CTRL+click

Where I believe this is the type of feature to be used at an almost habitual rate, I felt the UI suggestion would be timely or helpful. Although I appreciate you have to make other considerations. I just ask that it be easy to quickly select the staves desired. I believe it will make Dorico an even more pleasurable tool to use than it already is. :wink:


Sean Jackson

We do plan to add a means of pasting to multiple instruments in the near future, though I don’t expect to implement the panel you have suggested in order to do it: rather you would select something on all of the staves onto which you want to paste, then do Ctrl+V, and the material will be pasted onto those staves.

Daniel, that’s great news. I realize the graphical approach isn’t everyone’s preference.Thanks!