[FR] Plugin sandboxing

Hi all,

I’ve been asking for this for years, a way to protect de DAW from plugin crashes The new Bitwing DAW will do it:


It’s a great idea, well implemented.


Thanks for the link. I mentioned this many years ago as well. Bitwig have done a great job of implementing it. Mind you it’s much easier to do this as you’re building a new engine than modifying an existing one that was never designed to do this.

But it would be reassuring to know that your project won’t fall apart because of a rogue plugin. Maybe it’s time to redesign the engine. Again.

Odd coincidence: my N5-64 started crashing on startup very likely because of a plugin.

Wish I knew which one…

Why not make a bootable snapshot disk before you install the suspect plug-ins? There are plenty of incremental backup utilities around.

Oh yeah… Please…


If you watch the video carefully, you can discover that every plugin has its own thread in the OS and it can be 32 o 64 bits. That’s a very intelligent way to do it. Steinberg did something similar with PPC plugs on a intel machine, but it did not work well.

Considering the number of piugins some of us like to experiment with, this wouldn’t be a very efficient methodology. And certainly not as quick as the host telling you a plugin crashed, identifying the plugin in the process and making it possible to continue working without other consequence.