FR: Preference option to set fixed export location

Pretty please… can we have an option in Preferences to set a permanent folder location for Export? Perhaps an option that makes Dorico choose the location of the last export?

I use “Export as PDF” constantly, but I’m always having to change the folder location, since I’m receiving files that I worked on on another machine, or that I’ve received from a collaborator.

I would love to be able to use my key command for Export and know that it’s going to go to the same folder every time. At present, I generally don’t use it because I have to switch to Print mode and change the file location first.


It would also be wonderful to choose multiple export locations. I’d love to automatically export everything to a generic finished products folder, in addition to the individual folder that contains the file and anything else associated with it (recording, for instance).

I wonder if an even better option would be proper “template” files, which remembered the folder locations for a particular group of projects.

I don’t think that would solve my use case, though: a file opened, fiddled with, and exported on one computer, and then opened on another computer. That’s where I’d like the option for the export folder to be “sticky.”

It’s the working on multiple machines for me that’s the problem. My Dropbox folder is at two different paths on my two computers, so I have to remember to switch my export path fairly frequently.

Don’t get me started on the client who unilaterally decided to change the structure of a filing system that contains 3000 graphic slices…

I’m not sure how an option like this should really work. Every layout in the project has its own graphics export path saved. Would you really want Dorico to overwrite all of those paths with your chosen single path defined in Preferences? This would also be an operation that would dirty the score, because that data is persistent.


Speaking for myself only, I’ve never sent exported PDFs from different layouts to different locations anyways. They always get sent to the same folder.

OK, I’ll make a note of this and we’ll think about implementing it in future.

Thanks for considering, Daniel!