[FR] process entire file option for offline process

[FR] a process entire file option for offline process

This I believe could be a useful tool. I think the extended process option is great for Dialogue editing to ensure when opening up handles that you still get that for e.g., hum removed or noise cleaned up, however in some cases similar shots (and files) are referred to multiple times in a scene, it would be great to be able to process the entire file if needed, therefore all the other places where the edit changes back to that take (file) its already applied. Mostly good for constant hums or noise floors.

Thanks guys

This is an interesting suggestion, thanks for sharing it.

Because I’m curious and to foster a little discussion, would you (and others feel free to chime in) want a secondary dialog box after choosing Bounce Audio, a Global Preference on which way they would process (perhaps with a key command to toggle the process), or would you want a full alternate process (Bounce Audio perhaps becoming “Bounce Event” and this new feature being “Bounce Audio File”? Or would you want some other implementation of the option?

I think we are really approaching the desire to be able to insert effects on Files and/or Clips.

So a plug-in could be applied to the whole File in the Pool, adjusted and done.( eg Noise Reduction or EQ on a long Interview.) Adjusting settings at the file level would filter down to all Events in the Project.

If the Plug-in was applied to an Event in the Project, the option would be there to apply it to just the Event, to all events which referenced this audio, or to the whole file. Settings adjustments to the Plug-in in a single Event would have to give the option of making the adjustment just to that event (a new instance of the Plug in ) or making the adjustment wherever that File is used. I find that different pieces of a single ‘take’ need different settings especially if microphones are in motion ( boom, wireless ) or people are moving around.

Its not that different to the idea ‘Processing’ material, just easier to adjust in the context of a mix. It would save having dozens of Tracks … one per Plug-in setting. Indeed it still could be “processing” ( i.e. not real time) if the list of applied Plugins still appeared in a list of Clip Inserts so they could be adjusted … moved, deleted etc like they were Track inserts!

The now forgotten application SoundTrack Pro by Apple could do this more or less … and it was very, very powerful in that respect. Of course it didn’t run for more than 30 minutes without crashing … but the realtime-for-tracks, and rendering-for-clips effect structure was great IMO.

This type of capability is exactly what I want from Nuendo. It isn’t exactly a music-making feature, but Nuendo shouldn’t be a music-making app. That’s Cubase!

Oh… and Track Sorting by Role ( character name, shot size, element type … ) .

I must be missing something, but I do that all of the time.

-Open Sample Editor
-(In case of noice redcution) select a portion of the file which has noise only
-Choose plugin for processing
-preview (Learn) noise reduction.
-Close plugin (or save profile)
-Select all => selects the entire file.
-Open plugin

What am I missing?


Hi Fredo, your missing nothing. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve been always processing clips on the timeline or entire files through the pool, never through the sample editor. This is great. A+ my man. Thx :smiley:

Hi Fredo

Yes this does indeed work … and by saving the selections as Regions and applying processing it is possible to go back and make changes to the Processes applied to those Regions. However trying to keep track of what was applied to what via the Process History is an unpleasant task. Even if the audio is split up in the Timeline the Sample editor treats it as a section of the original audio. At the risk of appearing contrary …

I would argue that right clicking on an event in the Project and having an "insert plug in " option which revealed a list of slots ( like the Track Plug in’s ) which could be edited and rearranged at will would be a good workflow enhancement. And that’s why I’m still a few versions behind in Nuendo. I need improvements to workflow … ways of doing things which might already be possible, but which can be done better and more quickly.

This is one such case IMO.

Well, you can’t have it both ways.

You are using one and the same file of which you can have as many identical copies in the project as you want.
In this case, all processing will apply to any of the identical copies, or portion of it.

You simply can’t have these files, edits, events or portions of it to behave as they were individual files, with their own and personal history.

Even if we would have object based processing/mixing, then this still would be an issue.
It’s about making the choice between working with edits of one single file, or working with individual files.


I think one or both of us is misunderstanding something because there are examples of having it ‘both ways’ … if by that you mean real time processing of Tracks, in addition to offline processing of individual events within the track . Sure the event processing may create new media, but of course individual histories can be tracked … it’s a computer!

As I mentioned Soundtrack Pro used to do it very well … and SB’s own Wavelab does both too. I can’t recall if it’s all real time in WL … but I think so. It dynamically loads and unloads processing as required. I’ve always thought it a shame the Video support was removed rather than enhanced.

But that’s another forum…

It should be an option in the render dialog.