FR: Project minimize indicator in Window menu on Mac OS

On Mac OS, there are a lot of apps that will indicate when a window has been minimized in the dock. It appears as though Dorico doesn’t have this function. Not a big deal but I often will bounce around projects and tend to use the minimize function to push a project to the back burner so to speak until I need to see it, as well as to help me with screen real estate. Screenshot attached shows typical view with a couple of windows minimized, using Google Chrome. A diamond indicates when a window has been minimized into the dock…
Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 1.03.51 PM

This would be nice, but it would be easiest from our perspective if the Qt framework upon which Dorico relies for this kind of functionality provided this capability, which at the moment it doesn’t, unfortunately.

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I had a suspicion it was the framework you use with Dorico! Well, maybe one day. Thanks for looking!