[FR] - Range selection tool in Key Editor Lanes

Hi Guys,
I’m both a Nuendo and Cubase user, though I haven’t upgraded yet to C6; I’m currently trailing the demo for 6, which I think is fantastic…one of the best updates so far.

One of my favorite new features is the ‘scaling’ function whenever you select some notes or controller data in the key editor. However, for some data (esp. if the values are all high or 127), it can be tricky to make a quick selection without selecting data in other lanes also.

So my request is for a range selector in the lanes; it won’t make much sense for the upper section of the key editor, but for quickly selecting an area of data or velocities, it would be incredibly useful…



I’m with you completely about the desire for a Range tool for the Controller Lanes, but disagree with you completely about it not being useful also in the main body of the Editor window :wink:. Just try it in the In-Place Editor (where the Range tool is available)… let’s say you want to duplicate a two-bar phrase, but that phrase starts/ends with a musical Rest. With “regular” selection, you cannot include the “silence” at the start/end, but you can with the Range tool :wink:.