FR: Reason-Combinator like functionality

Hello again…!

I would also love to see some kind of container similar to REASON´S COMBINATOR, which allows me (at least) combine several VST instruments
into one container (thus becoming a single preset and being searchable within the MediaBay. The reason behind this is very simple:

  • A lot of users combine patches to create new or enhanced sounds. This is easy to accomplish when using Halion Sonic SE only, but not,
    when using other plugins, be it from Steinberg or other companies.

Possible additional features could be:

  • reasonably free MIDI and audio routing (no feedbacks for example)
  • using MIDI effects inside this container
  • using effect plugins inside this container
  • multiple audio outputs (including a surround out maybe, like in HALion 6…?)

I am aware of solutions like DDMF´s Metaplugin, but…

  • I rather prefer a Steinberg-supported solution for longevity
  • I cannot use MIDI plugins inside Metaplugin, as the MIDI plugins are not made nor working as VST2/3 plugins.

Any support for this idea?
All the best.


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I started a thread about this recently. I’m also a Reason user missing the combinator! Best Cubase solution is putting everything in a track folder - but annoyingly you can’t save track folders a presets. Otherwise try Kushview Element a 3rd party host VST. I wondered about the feasibility of doing all my sound design in Halion 6 so I could make complex multi patches but it felt a bit masochistic!