[FR]Remove empty tracks' delete non empty tracks

When using ‘track version’ on a track and select or create a version with no events, like a new one for example.
If you use ‘Remove empty tracks’ after, the tracks with empty versions selected will be deleted without prompt even if other versions contains events.

1- create a track
2- create 2 versions of this track : one with events, the other empty
3- select the empty one
4- select ‘remove empty tracks’
5- track’s gone

It makes me cry one time, and now I never use this function again.
Which is very handy with ‘render in place’ for me.

Cubase 8.0.5
Cubase 8.0.10
Windows 7 64bit


It’s not a bug though, but IMO, a very bad behavior by design, and makes the Remove Empty Tracks command too dangerous to use if you also use Track Versions.