[FR] Render in Place option: Use track Name as new filename

Today for the first time I was doing a intensive use of The Render In Place function and was bugged for something.

Even when I’m rendering single channels (to consolidate and send a project) I had to put the name of the new rendered in place track.

Would be nice (imho) a check box for “use track name as new file name” so if my track is called “Guitar with Delay”, the new file created was “Guitar with Delay.wav”


So only me (and CubeDAW) thinks this is a good idea?

You’re not alone. +1 !


Yes. This is a great idea!


+1 … its the most obvious method, Plz fix it.

+1, surprised it´s not like that already.or maybe it should get the event´s name since you actually render the event, not the track.



was looking for the obivous option to name the track like the source track, but it doesn´t exist

+1 good one. I must have missed this request when 1st posted in Feb.

Regards :sunglasses:

  • 1 !


  1. checkbox “Stereo to mono RIP (without mono bus solution!)”
  2. filename

I’ve programed a autohotkey script, that detects the render-in-place function start,
closes the function, copies the track name of the selected track.
Then opens the function again, and pastes the track name into the filename box…
So now the it uses the trackname as filename,
this makes all the events on the rendered track have the org. trackname.

Its in my video of autohotkey tweaks for cubase 8 pro…



Yes please… Use Track Name as new Filename checkbox.

That would greatly speed up workflow.

Might I add two more Render in Place requests while on the topic:

A specified project directory for RiP files
That folder showing up automatically in the Pool to distinguish the processed files.

All suggestions aside… totally loving working with Cubase 8 Pro



+1 please.

I think it should be the same name we enter in the RIP window. It is a must have. At least as an option.