FR: Replace ALT + Click with Middle Mouse Button?

Hi all,

I’m just running into something that would be fabulous if possible:
It would help me immensely, if, as a guitar player, I could do certain things just with the mouse, for instance on Windows replace the Alt + Click with the Middle mouse button.
This way, I could keep holding the guitar like usual and copy/paste just with the left hand…!

Any chance?

Wouldn’t that be a function of the operating system?

You can get “gaming mice” with as many programmable buttons as you want. 10 or 12 button mice are quite cheap.

Well, the middle button already has a function in Dorico, so it should be possible, if deemed desirable, to change that function… Just a thought.
Not the end of the world if it won’t happen.


What’s the middle button function?

Here it does a Marquee selection!

There’s not a single line of code in Dorico about what should happen when you press one of your mouse buttons. That’s the job of the OS and the mouse drivers.

Dorico starts doing stuff once it’s received a click from the OS. How the click is generated is not its responsibility.

Interesting… Maybe I’ll try to dig around in that mouse driver and see if I can change some setting around…

Thanks for your input!

Well, I’ll be damned!
I did not know that my mouse could do that, actually sending a string of keystrokes…
Thanks for putting me on the right track!

All good!