FR: Restate chord sysmbols over system break

Feature request: An option to automatically restate the most recent chord symbol at the start of each system.

In the attached picture, mm. 5 would show F7 and mm. 9 would show B♭7. Currently I have to use player specific chords symbols (which is a great addition in v3.1), but it would be great to have these show automatically so that the user does not have to add them manually to each layout, as the casting off is not always to the same. It would also update if any casting off changes were made in the layout. Also, it eliminates the possibility of forgetting to update a chord symbol. For example, if I change the F7 at mm. 4 to F7(♭9), I then have to remember to also change it at mm. 5 (and all other layouts where a system break occurs at mm. 5 or 6).

No idea how difficult this would be to implement, but it certainly would speed up the editing and proofreading process.

Thanks for this request. This would be quite difficult for us to do as things stand, but of course nothing is impossible. We’ll consider it for future versions.

I had a feeling this one would be tricky. Glad you’ll at least consider it. Thanks!