FR: retaining text style when copy/pasting

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Pretty self-explanatory : when copying then pasting text, it doesn’t retain neither the font used nor the text style (bold, italic, etc…) and size, very frustrating…
Is this going to be addressed in a future update ?

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Along with this, Ctrl-Shift-V is commonly used in other programs as “paste as text,” which formats the text according to its destination style. This could be used as the alternative to “paste with formatting.”


Unfortunately it’s not simple to achieve, so although it is something I anticipate that we will address in future, I’m not sure when this will be.

If you alt-click it does though…

At least it does for me.


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Yes, because you’re not copying and pasting text, but rather the whole text item. It’s all a bit boring and technical, but that makes a big difference: if you copy and paste the whole text item, you will get an exact copy. If you are copying and pasting formatted text, whether it’s obtained by double-clicking a text item to edit it and then copying the text in there, or copying text from another application, then when you paste, the formatting will be removed.

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ok thanks for the replies !