FR: Rhythmic position in status bar

Would it be possible to show the current rhythmic position of the selected item, in addition to the bar? Or range of positions if multiple selected.

As an example, I would imagine it would be something akin to how some DAWs function, e.g. in Logic, if I place the cursor in the final 8th note of bar 1 with the grid set to 8th notes I get a readout of “1. 4. 2” in the timecode display.

The reason I ask is I’m adjusting some chord symbol positions and I don’t currently have any notes in the staff to align it with yet as I’m working on the vocal score first. At the moment I have to either guess I’m in the right position by eyeballing it, or deleting the chord symbol, and reentering it at the correct position through note input mode. It would also be useful for seeing the position of items whose visual position has been adjusted in engrave mode.

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When you select a chord symbol and hit shift-N you should find yourself at the rhythmic position it is attached to. No need to delete it first.
Then afterwards, you should be able to move it to the correct position with alt-arrows

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That works a treat, thanks! Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that.

I’ve realised that perhaps the bigger issue is not being able to see the current rhythmic position with the popover open. I can obviously get to the correct location with the caret then invoke the popover, but advancing input from that point on is a guessing game without closing the popover and and setting the new caret position.

This is one gets me from time to time too (with any of the popovers—even lyrics, when there are runs of shorter notes). I hope that eventually the popovers will have some sort of connection to the staff or something.