FR : Rhythmical condensing

Dear fellow Doricians,

I know I wrote once about this — and I’ve been unable to find where…
I was wondering whether rhythmical condensation was in the pipeline (or the backlog). I mean, the ability to write tuplets in the strings and some winds, as in this Roméo & Juliette Ouverture, and check an option and get the “tremolo” version (so efficient to earn horizontal space, and very understandable)
Gounod – Romeo et Juliette – (1 MB)
By the way, “developing” those tuplets was the only way to get the accurate rhythm in playback, as Dorico does not play tuplet tremolos yet. I hope this is coming too !

I take it you mean the sextuplet sixteenths would better be done with slashed stems in triple (or sextuple) configurations. That would be nice. I enjoyed listening to the overture even though I did not have the fonts and template you used. It still sounded very exciting. Thanks for sharing.

I was interested to see this, but when I extracted the zip file I got a folder with mysterious files and folders like “META-INF”
Does anyone know why this would be? Previous downloads have given me Dorico files…

Don’t extract. Just change the extension from .zip to .dorico

You won’t see anything interesting in my file, apart from the fact that all tuplets are “developped” to ensure a proper play-back. I made this file to demonstrate some of the condensing features in Dorico on FB–%20Roméo%20et%20Juliette%20–%20Ouverture.mp4?dl=0
I would love to have the violins written as dotted crotchets with a 6 above.

We don’t have any current plans to make it possible to display repeated notes (either within or not within a tuplet) using tremolos, but I would never say never.

Thanks, Leo!

Thanks Daniel! I guess the playback of tremolo tuplets is on the backlog, then?
Keep safe, your tool is keeping us busy while locked down, and it’s great.

Yes, sooner or later we will sort out tremolos with tuplets.