FR: Sampler Track: Right-Click context menu


I am very happy with the additions made to the SamplerTrack. There is a feature request though…

In general, I am not very happy with being SamplerTrack presets actually Trackpresets, and not Plugin Presets. (for the purpose of searching inside the MediaBay). So I usually transfer my SamplerTrack work to Halion 6 (to make it a plugin preset there). There is a icon, which permits that, besides transferring it to Padshop or Groove Agent. Unfortunately, there are now so many icons inside the SamplerTrack, that this one doesn`t fit in the screen anymore, except I hide the Inspector column (which is essential in my workflow).

So I would like to request two things:

  • A right click context menu for the SamplerTrack, which allows me to hide items/icons from the upper SamplerTrack row.
  • Alternatively, making selectable or not those options from within the PREFERENCES.
  • A shortcut to export SamplerTrack content directly to HALion, Groove Agent or Padshop. Preferibly one per export option.

I hope this is possible and can be realized soon.

Thanks a lot for your attention.