[FR] Save as Template, improvements.


Feature Request from the File menu - improvements to Save as Template.
I hope someday we could have a more robust Save as Template dialog box. With:

  1. A check mark or something to select weather or not you include Media in the template.
  2. To be able to select, rename, delete, etc. template files from the save Dialog Box.

That’s it. It would be a tremendous help during live studio recording sessions when many different songs are recorded with the same basic set-up. And when mixing projects that have many different songs with similar track configurations. Though I can see it useful to have the media in some cases, I have never needed to make a template that includes Media. So, I always have to go through and remove media from the pool before making the template, a careful step for sure.

Nuendo is great

Yes! I agree. These would be great improvements!

+1 Totally old school system as of now. I have to type in the name EXACTLY as is if I want to replace.

+1, would be great improvements.

Never understood, why this is so tricky at the moment…

and the weird thing is:

cubase le has exactly what we are asking for here!

Oh! Then I’m afraid, this feature request will only be in next NEK-update! :confused:


This is such a great simple workflow improvement.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Better still, it would be great to include some kind of Import Session Data capability into the template system. Like in protools, say you open a template, but then get to decide to import all of it into your new project or just some bits, like tracks - but not plugins…or plugins, but without their settings, or everything but no media, etc etc

I have been going on about Import session data for so long now I have given up hope…it would really make a lot of things much more elegant when working with Nu…


and +1 to SAMs argument regarding the session data.

Everything is possible though, but with a lot of things to make right, while deleting media from projects for creating trackarchives or templates you have to be damn careful and so on… would like to just check the “without media” or uncheck “containing media”…

One of the main reasons I mix in Pro tools is the “Import Session data” feature. It is a huge time saver, and on a big project saves hours.