[FR] Save automation-pass-history with project.

I think it would come very handy if one could undo/redo the automation-passes along with the “history” of a project, so why not implement an option to save the project’s automation-passes-history?

Even just just for verifying “what you did a couple of hours/days/weeks/month/years ago” it would come handy I think?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Try out the “passes” function for automation.


Thanks Fredo,

I use the passes-system almost every day, and I think it’s great but one can’t save its history with the project. One can use the history only when the project is open.
After closing (and saving) the project and re-opening it, the passes-history has gone.
Or am I doing something wrong?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

No, nothing wrong.

Saving the complete history would probably bring any modern computer to it’s knees within a few hours of working, so I don’t think this is high on the list for the moment.


But how come that a mixer e.g. Euphonix System5/ Harisson MPC/ SSL C Series, càn save their pass-history?

If the system Steinberg uses to program automation takes a lot of CPU, maybe in the future Euphonix/ Harisson or SSL can be an inspiring source for a major change?

…in the meanwhile I’ll manage without the save-history-feature. :wink:

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Build-in DSP. In masses.