FR: Simple Sampler

Oh hey) i’ve got some of ur tracks:p

+1 Sampling should be fun and simple (if you want it to be). Groove Agent GUI has too many small fiddly buttons.

yes :slight_smile:

+1 for fun

+1 for one-click solutions

-1 for ‘add instrument track’, find vsti, slice audio, drag audio over, drag midi back to midi track.


You don’t have to use all the buttons. What makes Groove Agent simple is that you can drag and drop samples into it from the project window and up to 8 samples per pad which are automatically arranged for velocity switching. If you don’t think this an easy to use sampler, you have not used it for any period of time.Another thing I like about it is that it has only 16 pads displayed at a time versus a keyboard with 88 tiny virtual keys on most samplers, not good. The 16 pads is a small enough number to remember where the samples are, especially if you are using a 16 pad hardware device with it. Making them color coded on the screen version helps even more.

Yeah, that’s what I would have suggested. Infinitely better than Groove Agent, much simpler for new users (I teach for a living, so see the reactions of new users on a daily basis), and very powerful if you want to dig deeper.

A Steinberg version of this installed by default would be ideal, IMO.

Haven’t we already voted on this ?
As far as I remember this is already in the works.

You can use Padshop Pro as simple sampler with wide tweaking possibilities and drag n drop funktion.
To make it ‘simple sampler mode’ u need to drop audio on Padshop, set Duration to 1000 and click Loop button off.

hope you are right!


You can use really good 3rd party sampler :

  • TWX16 from Cwitek
  • Independence from Magix
  • Shortcircuit from Vember Audio

And all of those are free…

the topic is about simple sampler, … thanks anyway