FR: Simple Sampler

A really simple sampler 1 wav 1 output and full drag and drop support and FULL Automation for EVERY parameter. Something like this:

I find groove agent SE to be pretty good as a simple sampler.

Only thing it does not do compared to ableton is LFO and glide. Maybe also the pitch shifting is only 12 semitones and you can’t automate the loop length to create those accelerating build ups effects if you’re into edm.

Otherwise it’s a great tool, it does key tracking, amp, pitch and filter envelopes, sample layering, drag n drop, randomising function, it’s easy to use, has a nice layout…

I use it more and more, but I still rely on battery 3 for some features (preview in kit, loop length automation and the extended pitch range mostly).

that is why i made the request, also drag and drop from project to battery or other third party sampler is possible now?

no it’s not. NI and steinberg are playing the blame game as to who should support whose standards for drag and drop (for years now).

i recommend this little sampler i found a little while ago. it’s the only non-native vsti i know of that actually will accept drag and dropped samples right from the arrange of cubase. it has all except for an easy way to multiply and detune voices (at least i don’t know how i’d do that apart from manually mapping the same sample multiple times over itself):

Drag and drop DOES work with NI products now, at least for Battery 4 and Kontakt 5.

no it doesn’t. We are talking about drag n drop from the project/arrange window, not from media bay.

And this has been asked for years without any solution from SB or NI. Yet there’s always a guy coming in to say it’s possible to do drag’n drop to NI plugins :laughing:

At least SB could add in a little XML translator in the plugin’s window to allow drag’n drop or something.

yeah. that grace sampler actually seems to be reading the xml data from the drag&drop proccess info and extract the file info from that.

The drag and drop makes Groove Agent an easy choice. I have battery too and don’t use it anymore. Groove Agent is the ideal simple sampler.


What is beautiful is when you drag and drop up to 8 samples to the middle of a pad, it automatically assigns velocity switching. You make your samples with this in mind. For instance, if you want a sample of a bowl, you hit it 8 times starting with a soft hit and gradually getting louder. This makes your samples sound more realistic rather than just increasing the volume of the same sample when you use a higher velocity. That is how professional samples are.

why don’t you do your own love thread CubeDaw?

Too bad its only for windows :cry:

I’d also love Steinberg to add a real full-fledged sampler to its collection of VSTIs in Cubase. When you load a sample into Groove Agent One, span the sample over the whole piano roll, and start to play a few notes, Groove Agent One doesn’t even respond to pitchbend movements :unamused:

I have another idea for a simple sampler track… Not different way but a way to create a new sampler track from a existing audio track… this could maybe be found as a extra option from the Hitpoint page tab, instead of create Midi notes create a sampler track from hitpoints -

tldr a fast way to hitpoint->sampler with new track setup you just from then load your own sample (.wav)

I’d prefer something simple, because I already own Halion 5, but using this behemoth just to spread a little, for example, ping on a wine glass across the keyboard is like hunting rabbits with Minuteman II missiles. Including all the setup and arming procedures.

also only for windows: shortcircut

+1 for the simple sempler

+1 for LFO in groove agent

(sorry, low blow)

exactly,avoiding all the setup and arming procedures is the main goal of the Request.

A simple sampler with a clear GUI, or drag and drop for NI products would be a huge improvement in workflow for sound design.

Having to go through different windows to look for a sound file through hundreds of other files obstruct the workflow inside the DAW.