[FR]smaller automation panel please

I have the automation panel open about 90% of the time during a mix. I’ve assigned hot keys to open and close it and switch between all the major functions and have pretty much done everything I can to get it out of my way…

it’s still too big. Can you please make it collapsible like the channel edit windows and lets us decide what functions we want to see?

Also. It would speed up my day a lot if there were an assignable key command for track automation mode. It’s the one thing I really like about protools and icon is how each channels automation is available on the channel. I have the gear to emulate this to a degree, but there’s no KC for it.

For example… In one pass… I want to balance the level and spread of my backgrounds “Trim to Loop” while punching up some FX and dialog around eachother in trim only. It can be done currently… but it takes time to set up and get’s very easy to mess things up if you forget to put something back into global mode.

thanks for listening

Actually just found the “next automation mode on selected track” command which I assigned to a button. This is helpful for sure. would be very nice to have all the modes available to assign though. This way I wouldn’t have to… go to the right view, make sure the main section is open, confirm the automation settings… etc etc etc.

I could just hit one button and get back to work


Only audio channels have a visible indicator as to what automation mode they are in…

Group channels have the same functions, but no way to know.

This should really be fixed.

Also, there are no visible cues to mode in the mixer view at all.

Another addition to my personal blog about automation…

I would really like to be able to save automation panel configurations that I go to often.

eg: #1, touch/trim, to loop
eq: #2, autolatch/trim, to punch
eg: #3, preview mode, touch, to loop,

of course there is always a need to do something custom, but for the most part I’m always sticking with the same few configs on each pass. These could be saved just like mixer views and called up with hotkeys or user buttons on a remote quickly with out having to take my eyes off the film. It can be so nice to mix a film or show without looking at the edit window… switching automation modes always requires it to be viewed.

Sorry to interrupt your blog :wink:

This can be done via macros, so no need for a special customize-option here, in my opinion.

I for myself have one “start automation macro” which
a) set loop locator to selected range/event +1sec of handle at the beginning and end
b) set automation “to loop”
c) set automation into preview-mode
d) activate cycle-transport

and one “end automation macro” which
a) punch preview
b) deactivate cycle transport
c) stop playback