FR:Space size available in Engrave mode/Staff spacing

Dear devs,
I enjoy very much the fact that we can change space size on a break (especially frame breaks), and I do appreciate the new space marking (% of vertical space used) in the Staff spacing sub-mode. What would really accelerate the workflow would be to be able to stay in that sub-mode to change the space size, or to be able to see that % marking in the graphical Engraving sub-mode. Having to go from one sub-mode to another only to modify space size is quite time-consuming, event with nice shortcuts to navigate between those sub-modes.
Another little thing that could really speed up that workflow would be that when I override the space size property, it’s the actual space size that would appear there (and not 1,75mm), allowing me to “lock” the next frames to the same space size than before, and then I can tweak the previous frame only. Now, we have to perform the same operation twice, only to have one frame with a different space size.
Thanks in advance (and any better workflow suggestion is welcome, of course!)

Exactly! I recently requested something similar as well…

I agree with the spirit of the suggestion, and acknowledge that having to switch sub-modes in Engrave mode to select the break is awkward, but unfortunately it’s really not simple to allow this to work as you would like. However, hopefully in the future we’ll be able to come up with an elegant solution to this awkwardness.

Thanks Daniel, I’m confident that you and your team will create a nice solution, as you always do!

Agreed with the spirit of the request. I frequently shift measures between systems and wish I had a better way to gauge percentages without constant switching. I look forward to the future in this regard. Even if the system break and frame break commands could be made available within the note spacing sub mode would be great.

Certainly as always the solution will be better than what we’d expect! :slight_smile: