[FR] Steinberg active participation in this thread

For me this is crucial part of open communication between customers (somebody who give you money) and Nuendo makers aka Steinberg.

Guys I love your products :blush: but please if you make FR thread please comment it and make corrections to it.

Now it looks like black hole for all problems without useful feedback :exclamation:

I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

For years I’ve been asking Steinberg to simply acknowledge that they’ve read a feature request, and for years not only have they not done so, they also haven’t commented on commenting on it!

It’s their M.O. I seriously doubt it will change.

The tragic part of this is that they’ll continue to make a bunch of decisions without user feedback because they think they know better what users want and prioritize, which isn’t always true. And when it is not true it’s for no good reason, since all they had to do was talk to the users.

And let’s face it; we’re like 20 people here. It’s not like 20,000 Cubase users all having a say in every thread.

In conjunction with recent reports on Yamaha support it’s a bit worrying.