FR - Tempo markings in the Tempo Track

In the same way that the dynamics track in Play Mode shows dynamics for instruments not just as a moving line but also as text - it would be useful to have the same approach adopted for immediate and gradual tempo markings, as well as holds and pauses, in the Time Track.

I think it would help to clarify things (exactly why the line is moving) and in those cases where elements have yet to be incorporated into playback, provide a reference point where changes will have to be made manually.

In the main body of the Time Track, it would also be useful to indicate the exact tempo at the point where a new consistent tempo is established (i.e. the dots)

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You do get a read-out of the tempo text at the bottom of the Time track in Play mode, no?

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Hi Daniel, thanks as always.

Yes - my bad - I’m used to entering tempo changes without text (q= etc.) as a way of adding rhythmic variation that I don’t want reflected in the score. With that approach all that is showing, obviously, is the line. Absolute, Gradual and Reset Tempo changes are all there when text is part of the instruction. Apologies for implying otherwise.

It would be useful if Holds and Pauses could also be included and if the bpm was shown within the main body of the Time Track for consistent (i.e straight line.) tempos. The reason for the latter request is that it’s easier to work out what you want the tempo to be if you can see, without having to click - I find that clicking often resuts in the point being moved - what tempo you’re coming from.

Well, at the moment holds and pauses of course have no effect on the tempo track, but as and when they do in the future it would certainly be useful for that to be reflected in the profile you see there.