[FR] Toggle Open/ Close All GUI VST in Channel Editor

I’ve got a key command set up to open and close the Channel Editor for the selected channel in the mixer.

I’ve got a key command set up to close all open VST or VSTi GUIs.

I really, really, really want to be able to toggle open/ close all VSTs in the open Channel Editor. There really should be a default permitting you to open all included VSTs as you open the selected Channel Editor.

I’ve gone through all the key commands in the manual, and neither toggling open/ close or opening all VSTs as the Channel Editor opens seem to exist. There was a ‘secret’ (undocumented) feature up to Cubase 5 in which you could hold down, if I recall, Alt + Shift and click one ‘edit’ button in the Channel Editor insert rack and then they would all open. This no longer works for me in C6. Does anyone have this working?

I’d pay for some type of macro that would accomplish this.

I’d also like to be able to cycle select the channel to the right or left of the selected channel in the mixer with it’s Channel Editor open using the keyboard navigation arrow keys and some other key combo. I’d like to do this so I don’t have to mouse and click when I’m checking through channel settings with the Channel Editor open. I haven’t searched as thoroughly for this as I did for the toggle open/ close VSTs. Does anyone have such a function setup?

All who agree, speak now of forever hold you mouse!


I don´t know, what you´re doing wrong, but it still works in the C6 Demo, as does the reverse function to close all insert fx windows (32 Bit Cubase on 64 Bit W7)

Well, it’s pretty hard even for me to do ‘Alt+Shift+L Click’ wrong.

Do I have the keys combo wrong? It’s for sure not working and never has since I got C6.

It’s a large project template … I’ll give a go on a simple project and see if that makes any difference.

Anyway … I’d still like to be able to do it with ‘Alt+Shift+Some Key,’ or whatever combo, instead of having to move my cursor away from where I’m working to my other monitor where the mixer is diplayed.


You need to click the channel´s main editor button, not the insert´s editor buttons.

You don´t need to do it in the mixer, works in the inspector also.

Yeah +1, I’d like a shortcut key for opening all plugs on selected channel(s). Would immensely help my workflow when flitting between channels during a mix.

We’ve asked before…

In fact, one stage further, I’d really like a quick way of opening the ‘last set of plugins that were open’ for the current channel, not all plugins. that way I can display only the plugins I need to and hide the rest, e.g. if I’m EQing vox then I don’t want to see the autotune/melodyne plugin or compressor plugin, just EQ.


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Well I didn’t say I couldn’t correctly ‘Alt+Shift+L Click’ on the wrong edit button, did I? :blush:

… and agreed with Gargoyle … having the GUIs, previously opened, reopen as selected Channel Editor opens… and then close when another Channel Editor is selected … would be even better!

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Has anyone figured out a macro or key command to do this (open all plug-ins for selected channel) with out having to click with the mouse?

Somewhat related is the command+option+control+w that Pro Tools has to toggle all open floating windows opened or closed. It is so handy to go back and forth with and use it all the time when editing and working in Pro Tools. Kind of like “Close All Plug-Ins” does in Cubase but remember which ones were closed so you can press the same key again to get them all back.

Hey Skillet, I figured out how to do this!

Video Tutorial

Text Version With Pictures: