FR: "Undo" in Chord Symbol entry

As per the subject. In chord symbol entry, I’ve really come to like the MIDI keyboard entry method. But if I play in the wrong chord (or Dorico doesn’t recognize as I wanted), it would be nice to simply Cmd- or Ctrl-Z. A small thing that would really speed up the process.


also +1

Can I clarify, you mean that you want to be able to type Ctrl+Z while the popover is open, it having advanced to the next rhythmic position, or something else?

Yes, exactly. It feels like the most logical way to undo a chord symbol I didn’t want, without having to exit the popover.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll think about this for the future.

While I’m at it, I’ll add… the same functionality would be ideal for the lyric popover, since it’s generally used in the context of advancing and entering large chunks at once. Thanks for considering, Daniel.

I agree with Dan. It’s kind of frustrating to paste a lot of lyrics and realize I’ve missed a melisma, delete a bunch of misplaced lyrics, copy again from the source and paste again (with extra care for the melisma). I know lyrics is an area that has improved a lot since day 1 but this looks like a very good idea. Of course, the lyrics clipboard buffer should be initialized in the state before the mistake…

It is indeed with melancholy that I think back to Sibelius. When I insert a long text by copy & paste, I frequently make a mistake when assigning the syllables. Then I have to get out of the lyrics input of Dorico and can delete the text with command-z backwards. No problem here. The ingenious thing about Sibelius was, that the deleted text was available again to be re-entered, I could simply resume the input at the right place and did not have to insert a part of the text manually … I mean every command-z action did add the text back to the paste function.

I’m not sure if that was understandable … :unamused:

I hate to say it here, but Finale’s approach to lyric entry --offering the option to type directly into the score or click-enter from a lyric edit screen-- has some advantages I hope Dorico will eventually consider. I sometimes enter music into Finale and then XML it to Dorico precisely to take advantage of the Finale lyric-entry system.