[FR] - use fader for selected controller lane

I love the fade on the CC121, but I’m a bit shocked it only seems to be used for volume…that seems a huge missed opportunity.

I would love to be able to use it on automation controller lanes between an audio track - say I have the mix of a plugin automated, I want to be able to control that with the fader…if I switch to the next lane which is ‘formant’ on another, I want to be able to control that…

The implementation would be fairly simple - if the audio track or track itself is selected, it controls volume. If a lane is selected with a particular automation target, that target then becomes the fader.

Could we have this please?

+1, like that
and a way to control the Pre Hi an Low Cut.

That is a great idea, I would love to see this suggestion implemented! and also an option to access the input filters would be nice too

but seems there will not be efforts to add new feature for cc121.
it’s quiet old and a long list of requested features for many years not implemented or got any response from steinberg
cc121 really has good quality built and potential ,but it’s a little bit Dummy ))
it does the basic stuff it’s supposed to do and that’s it


may not be a possibility based on the original MIDI Implementation Specifications. however, i could be wrong though, much has changed since 1985.

not sure if it still holds true that the Volume (fader) runs on a different MIDI protocol all while the CC number for Volume is CC7. Again the confusion here is and still is that CC7 generally controls the VSTi Main output Volume, however on certain VSTi, CC7 controls some “other volume” specific to that VSTi.

in any case the CC121 integrates with Cubase Quick Controls. Open up the QC Panel within Cubase and activate the LEARN function. Assign the MIDI controller information to one of the 8 QC channels. From the CC121, activate the QC controls by pressing EQ TYPE and ALL BYPASS. the top 8 knobs will now be set to control QC instead of EQ. just rem to turn off the LEARN function for the QC Panel.