FR: use it with NO layers :)

Hi, why do I always get a default Halion layer on all songs ?
If I don’t use softsynths I should be able to use it with no layers ?
also if I set the layer 1 to for the instrument and saves it, the next time it opens it connects it to halion again…


Menu Layers/Save default Layer. If you load a saved Project, Layers are as you saved, if you create a new Project, it loads the default Layer. Thus, you may set your Layer Instrument to “not connected” and save as default Layer to make it entirely inactive. We will nevertheless also check the option to remove the last Layer.

Hm, somehow mine does not save… If I start a new fresh one, and set default layer to and hit enter for a new project. That layer will still add a halion instance… and if I set it to nc in the layers tab, and store that as default layer, the next time I start a new fresh, it still is on Halion SE…

Maybe I need to delete some prefs files… ?

this is b583 and b585

yesterday I was saving some layers, when loading that layer the instrument haven´t been saved.
Today I tryed again and saved it correctly. There are some buggy behaviours.
I cannot reproduce the issue.

That is actually true. It desperately tries to restore the “broken” missing Instrument and finds old information.
We are currently testing an option “No default Layer with New Song” or the like, probably that would be more appropriate. But other than that, can’t reproduce other issues, it saves and loads just fine every time, testing huge projects with myriads of different plugins and settings.

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