[FR] WavPack for lossless file format

I’m glad to see that FLAC has been added as a readable/writable file format: the only thing sub-optimal about this choice is that FLAC supports a maximum of eight channels and doesn’t support 32 bit float.

WavPack, on the other hand, supports up to 256 channels and is 32 bit float compatible, making it ideal for both Cubase and Nuendo.

I vote for WavPack! http://www.wavpack.com

I resurrect this nine-year old topic and ask again for WavPack support in Nuendo (and Cubase). If anything, now that Ambisonics is supported, it makes even more sense to support a lossless format that goes beyond 24 bit and eight channels. Cheers!

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I vote WavPack!
In addition to the above, WavPack supports BWF Metadata, which is very important.
If you see this an agree push VOTE button at the top!!!

Surprised this hasn’t gotten more traction.
I use Flac all the time (it saves on disk space and I’ve encoded all my SFX libraries to it), but unfortunately it doesn’t support 32 bit float, which I use for all my mastering needs.
Wavpack would address all those needs (and more, inc multichannel audio), so curious why it hasn’t been implemented yet, as like Flac, it seems well suited to real-time performance?

New file format support was never a popular subject on this forum, with some people saying that wanting to save some drive space was not “professional”: just buy another drive! Anyway, it’s not very popular on the Pro Tools side either, as it doesn’t even support FLAC. And pointing out that Reaper does support FLAC and WavPack will usually get snobbish reactions.

Maybe eco-anxiety will finally convince people that saving some drive space and potentially preventing some unnecessary drive purchase is a professional, and ethical, behaviour.

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I have been using the NARAS Producer’s & Engineers Wing guidelines. (I am a member).

Basically, once a project has reached completion, ONLY the final audio files of the project are to be kept. Nothing else. That does reduce the size of projects considerably. Deliverables must be in two to three different formats. That might seem excessive, but it ensures the survival of the project for the future.

Good idea i’d vote for it!