[FR] Zoom around selected rage instead of the cursor.

This might be someting that is more importend to the PT crossover guys. But might be for everybody else too.

I’m very used to have the zoom in/out centered to the selected range insted of the cursor.
It’s pretty nice and fast to click at a position, zoom in, zoom out and move like this in your timeline.
When the zooming isn’t bound to the cursor your can even do this while recording (since the range won’t move like the cursor does). This would let you focus on the real editing position, not on the cursor position. Because the cursor position might be somewhere else during the recording process!

So my request is, give us the option to select between:

  1. zoom focus to cursor
  2. zoom focus to left range locator

this would be overall more flexible and would help PT crossovers to feel at “home”…
As always, speed is key - here you can improve Nuendo / Cubase with just an easy step!

pls consider Steinberg!

Have you looked at all the Zoom Options in the Key Commands?


Which one would you mention to achive the (PT Stlye) focus change?
Haven’t found something like this yet…

Hm, if you mean: “zoom to selection” - thats 100% not what i want :wink:
I don’t want a ZOOM FUCTION, i wan’t a different behaviour of the focus of the zoom.

You are in recording mode, because the voacl talent/ narration guy is doning his/her job…
While that, your are editing his/her last spoken words to make them fit in the exact TC range or what ever.
Lets say, you editing out a little spike, or noise he/she did…

When you ZOOM IN to focus on that spot, the position won’t stay where it is, because the cursor went a little more to the right, so the fokus of zoomed in will do so too! You NEVER fokus on the current spot, just in STOP mode! That isn’t very handy and makes things very slow…
Can your see what i mean?

So a simple option to change the overall behavier of the ZOOM FOCUS would very be nice!


On Nuage we have a function called “Quick Zoom”.
That allows the user to quickly zoom in to a portion around the cursor.
While pressing Quick Zoom again, you return to the previous zoom level.
I would have to find out to which (Key) command this is connected.


You’re saying you want the regular zoom commands (default g and h) to be able to use the Locators as the center of the zoom ‘frame’? Interesting suggestion.

Perhaps you would consider making a change to your habit…

In Cubendo I would achieve that by hitting the command ‘Zoom to Locators’, then as long as the playhead is off-screen, zooming will center on that range. Also ‘Zoom to Selection Horizontally’ would yield the same behavior. Once the playhead cursor is visible zooming will once again center around the cursor.

‘Auto-scroll’ (Follow) has to be off of course.

You’re saying you want the regular zoom commands (default g and h) to be able to use the Locators as the center of the zoom ‘frame’? Interesting suggestion.

Yeah, right :slight_smile: ! That’s how other popular DAW does it!

You are right too, i might have to consider makeing a change here - but, the other way is a lot more straight foreward and helps the user to stay at the RIGHT spot all the time.

Using the “Zoom to Locators” will enlarge the screen to the selection, fine - but what if i want to zoom in a little bit more. i would have to select again, but be carfull to not select to less, otherwise the zoom would be waaaay to far… aww, that is not cool!
On the other hand, If i don’t select and just use the zoom in/out i would end up in a slide of the arrange window right to the position of the cursor…

So, its a sugestion/ feature request - for me, Nuendo just can’t do it right now - maybe Steinberg want to improve a bit here - or at least, just give us an option here :wink:!


I hear you, so +1

I’d also find it very useful for zoom to work based on a visible range (which it does when the cursor is outside the bounds of the displayed region), versus the playback cursor location.


I’d really like something of this too (in Cubase though; no Nuendo here…! But I like browsing these pages too…! :slight_smile:)

Maybe something could be achieved by combining/enhancing the ‘Overview’ line when you have Auto-Scroll off, to be able to select a range to Zoom/view/work at, whilst the playhead is off continuing playing/recording,somewhere else…

Is someone of Steinberg actually reading these posts here? I never see any comment of the guys?


Developers and product managers very rarely comment on the public forums.
But they do read the suggestions, so no worry …


:wink: good to know!

still a real issue for a lot of us!