fractional metronome markings

hi there,

I see there’s a way to fine tune metronome markings in the properties, but is there a way to get Dorico to display fractional metronome markings, e.g. 59.5 or 59.54 if necessary? It’s useful for filmscoring to keep tabs on the current metronome marking, even if it’s fractional.

Also is there a place where the current metronome marking can be displayed (in the transport, perhaps?), or must I always scroll back to the most recent tempo change to find it?


If you look at the Tempo page of Engraving Options, the first option is for the number of decimal places to show metronome marks.

The forthcoming update will include a tempo display in the transport – though it will only ever show you integral values, and won’t show floating point values.

thank you!

Is there a reason to not show floating point values? I have a lot of clients that ask me for very specific markings in the score.

This seems like something that should be an option, where it rounds by default, but I can then choose to show the a decimal point, and the number of places to round.

You can already display tempos to any number of decimal places via the option right at the top of the Tempo page of Engraving Options.

Thank you… I totally misread your first reply… (clearly only focusing on the 2nd part…)