Hey people!

I am completely new to these boards, my first post ever. Just wanted to share a piece I made some years ago with Cubase 5 . It´s a couple of years since I last used any Sternberg products, moved over to Logic Pro X for a while, but I must say LPX did´t inspire me as Cubase did! That´s why I recently bought Cubase 8, and I hope to get inspired again :smiley:

Thanks for listening :wink:

nice work!

good stuff,enjoyed it.

Thanks for listening, always appreciated :slight_smile: I must say Cubase 8 is like sent from above, so refreshing!

OMW - you’ve already figured it out but I jumped from v5 to 7.5 and the difference is night and day really. I have seen 8 but have been reluctant to ugrade atm. Great track here!

A lot of hard and clever work gone into this & it shows. Great track. Great choice of instrumentation. Softer sections prove that less can be more. Enjoyed it
Neil B

aMUSEd & Neil B, thanks for tuning in :slight_smile: The switch from Cubase 5 to 8 was a big leap for me too, but still I feel like home. Neil B, well I believe in less can be more, hehe, I am not a fan of packing all kinds of stuff into tracks just to make it better, try to the most with the stuff that´s already there :slight_smile: