Frame borders and colors

Hi, it would be nice if we have the option to set the frame borders to top, bottom, left, or right, and also to set the color of the border and the background of the frame (I mean music, text, and image frames).

I’m not sure what you mean about the frame borders.

Maybe this will help?

You can only show a border on all edges of a frame, you can’t specify only some edges.

(@DanielMuzMurray just for your own info, that link is from the Dorico 1 manual which hasn’t been updated for quite some time. The clues when coming from a 3rd party search engine are the logo in the top left - which doesn’t state the version number, manuals for Dorico 2 onwards state the version number - and the url, which includes /v1/. The latest version of that page is here and it also includes a video to support the explanation of this somewhat-complex philosophical part of Dorico.)


Hi Lillie, thank you for answering.
My post is only a suggestion for the future updates.
For example, it is very annoying to make a line in a Title Page with flat frames like this:
(35) How to Create a Title Page and Instructional Sheet | Page Layout in Dorico - YouTube
It would be better to just set the edge of the frame you want the border.
And if we could set the frame’s background color we could make colored covers in Dorico itself.