Frame breaks not waiting

I have a score that uses 3 systems to a frame. For pages where I want more/fewer systems, I’m using FrameBreaks with “Wait for next Frame”. However, I’ve come across one system that won’t ‘wait’.

It’s the start of a new Flow. (Flows are allowed to run on existing pages.) I have previously in the document locked 4 systems to a page with Frame Breaks, where one of them was a new Flow.

But this is refusing to budge. It will go onto the existing page if I set the Frame Break to Wait for the next System Break, so there seems to be an implied System Break, but no flag.

I guess the issue is that sometimes “Wait for Frame Break” runs over the start Flow, and sometimes a new Flow seems to be break.

Any ideas?

I think this would be easier to diagnose if you could attach here or send me the project. There is certainly an implied system break at the start of a new flow, of course.

I may not have understood exactly what you want or exactly what’s going wrong.

A. There’s an implied System Break at bar 1 of the Domine Fili. If you need control over how it operates, add an explicit System Break to the downbeat of bar 1 of the Domine Fili.

B. Have you tried adding a Frame Break at bar 10 of the Domini Fili, then telling the Frame Break at bar 29 of the previous Flow to Wait for next Frame Break?

That’s what I’ve done, and what I want, but it still breaks at the start of the new Flow. I can’t understand why, because other Flows will flow on between
two Frame Breaks.

We’ve looked into Ben’s example file, and I’m afraid this is a bug, a subtle interaction between the fixed casting-off feature and the ‘Wait for next system/frame break’ feature of breaks. It will be fixed in a future version of the software.

Thanks for the update, Daniel. I was curious.