Frame changes in Masterpage don't display in Full Score

I’ve changed the Masterpage for Full score (see GIF). The changes I make in the frames (height, add new frame etc) won’t reflect to the Full Score. When I add some text or {@flow…@} this will displayed correctly.

What is wrong or do I wrong?

I can’t quite tell what might be wrong there. Could you zip up your project and attach it here so I can take a look?

Hi Daniel,

Here the ZIP file.


Ah, it’s obvious, and I could have diagnosed this without seeing the score.

Page 1 is a right-hand page, but you have added your additional text frame to the left-hand page in the master page pair. It would appear as you expect if the first page of your layout was numbered 2 rather than 1.

Edit the master page again, and this time add your additional text frame to the right-hand page instead of the left.

Thanks Daniel. It’s al little bit confusing but I know it for now.