Frame Convertion What the???

I’ve had soooooo much varied advice on how to convert audio from 24fps to PAL to NTSC its really done my head in. :open_mouth: One person says this then another says something else. And to make things worse they all talking in Pro Tools land.

So could the Nuendo Guru out there please throw me a bone and tell me how to take a 24 fps at 48KHz and convert it to NTSC and the same file to PAL.

This is so far what I think is the best to do.

NTSC- Sample Rate convert the 48000Hz file to 48048 effectively making it 0.1% longer and re-export out at 48000Hz
PAL - take the 48000Hz file and using time compression compress at a rate 96% effectively making it 4% faster and re-export out at 48000Hz

Could someone then also explain how the Project settings could be used to do the same thing and do you use them. I’m referring to under the sample rate box there’s all the pull up pull down menu’s - I read the manual on this but when ever I give my file to the picture guys they say its out of sync? and I’ve tried every which way to make it work

Please someone - because I’m about to go to the picture guys and say well maybe your NTSC conversion isn’t right?