Frame rate and timecode

Is there a way to have Nuendo timeline adhere to 24fps? What I am finding is that export and editing of Atmos files that need to conform to existing stereo tracks, the conversion from ms to frames leaves pops at the end (snap to zero crossing enabled) when the Dolby Renderer will only edit in frames. And, The timings don’t match with the rounding up or down. If I could make sure that each project exports directly on frames, that would be huge.

Of course you can. Just change frame rate to 24fps. But do not use snap to zero if you neee to edit frame accurate as zero crossing makes it impossible to snap to frames.

Thanks Erik, I found where to change that to 24 frames in the preferences. And yes, I was only testing with and without to see how the rounding of ms to frames in the capture of atmos files affected the attempt at seamless transitions in atmos files.
What would be really fantastic, and absolutely necessary moving forward is for Nuendo to have the ability to import multiple ADM files in the same project. I know the difficulty of what I am asking for, especially when it comes to objects and hand-off from song to song. But as I am mastering albums that need to replicate the stereo releases, any with crossfades, or even blunt edits are hit and miss for timing. Hence the initial post.
All the best