Frame rate issues or what? sound and video problems.

Hi all.

Working on a video project that is just short of 1:20 minutes I have encountered a major problem. I choose the “get frame rate from video” when I import the video clip and Cubase does this with no error message, and sets it to 29.97 fps.

Now I have matched the music and soundeffects to the clip so I do the “export audio mixdown” followed by a “Replace audio in video file”. But the new video doesn’t turn out very well. They start out in sync but then the sounds speed ahead and finish around 2 seconds before the visuals.

I’m not getting any error messages at all during any of this and it’s really annoying, given the fact that I have a deadline in10 hours from now.

Can anyone tell me, what I’m doing wrong? I don’t know if it has anything to say but I’m on Vista 32 bit and the video format is a .mov. :confused:

I assume you’re using C 6.03. I updated in the middle of a film project and found the audio was being imported at a different rate to the video it came with. The issue was persistent and reproduced by other users here. I then heard from the editing company I’m using that they’d received footage from a video game production company where the audio slowly fell out of sync with the video. I asked if they’d used Cubase and my editor was almost positive they did.

If you did not import the audio with your image you may have missed the (further) discrepancy. I’ve rolled back to .02 which is fine but I’ve heard .03 works fine with DV format.

I’m keen to hear what people say about .04 next week.

Yes, I’m using 6.03. But I just found a solution to my problem (but it’s not pretty).

I downloaded a trial of Aimersoft Video Converter, converted the video file from a .mov to a .mov (!) using settings such as “keep original frame rate” all the way through. I ended up with a file ½ the size but similar to the original. This movie I could import and now I discovered that the audio didn’t match the video inside my project either (though it did with the original video file). The quickest way to fix this, was to change the overall tempo a bit (since I’ve only used wave files in this project) then fix a couple af crossfades, export the lot and once again use the “Replace audio in video file” on the original video. The audio is now synched to the original videofile.

I’m still not sure, whether it’s Cubase or the movie file that caused this problem. Either way, I solved the problem a whopping 6 hours before deadline. :laughing:

Now I’m off to bed…

Wow!! Well done. When you say the file is half the size I presume you mean in bits, not length. Was there any reduction in image quality? Not sure that’s a procedure I’d like to go through for every project but I’ll keep it in mind.