Frame sizing

Can I change frame size of text in Dorico 4.3 Elements - there is no button as on the video regarding frames to alter frames - just the standard buttons. Does one need the Pro version to do this

Yes, full frame editing is only possible in Dorico Pro.

However, if you can expand a bit on what you’re trying to achieve, someone might be able to suggest ways of doing so in Dorico Elements.

Many thanks for this. I wanted to have the first page, before the full score,
showing the title and how this piece came into being (it was written during WWII by a family member) and also all the verses of the poem to which the music was set

Probably easiest to do title pages and prelims in a DTP app, and then combine PDF pages from both apps.

That’s what I do, even using Dorico Pro.

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Many thanks for this sounds very sensible