frames centering and positions question


I need help about frames positioning in my layout pages.
Often I need to center a specific text frames (a subtitle text or other graphics adds on).
Sometimes the subtitle text provide numerous instruction and didascalie about the score; I don’t want that text occupying all the page from left to right but a portion under the Title.
Is there a method for centering frames to the page or other frames? Guidelines that show the positioning about the horizontal or vertical center?
Dorico have a great Layout concept taken from big graphic softwares but I’m not able to find the right way for my needs.
If there is a procedure that I’m not considering please let me know.
Thanks and take care for your health


If you lock the frame to both the left and right margins (using the locks in the left panel), you’ll be able to set specific values in the bottom panel. Asssuming your page margins are the same on the left and right sides of the page, setting identical values for the left and right sides of the frame will give you a centred frame.

Thanks Pianoleo, this procedure is very useful, maybe not the easy way as found in text or graphical softwares out there, but very useful and informative for me.


I frequently apply this identical-offset system to the copyright frame or the flow/project frame at the top of the page. It lets me create and easily access frames on either margin for page numbers or other running info without having to hop through multiple frames for access.