Frames flows layouts

I’m stuck with this task
lets say we have a flow1 of 100 bars of music called: music
we have a flow2 of 10 successive 4 bars called: analysis

is it possible to have on a layout?
frame1 music bar 1-10
frame2 analysis bar 1-4
frame3 music bar 11-20
frame4 analysis bar 5-8
frame5 music bar 21-25
frame6 analysis bar
all this along several pages

I guess frame breaks will be used,
I fail to make frame 3 start a bar 11
I tried, tried, tried, to nowhere

can somebody walk me thru this task slowly with plenty of details

merci beaucoup


Don’t think it’s possible without a separate flow for each frame.


Ha !
I can now stop searching and scratching my head
thanks Jesper

No, you can chain frames together, and have several different “frame chains” on the same page.

In Engrave mode, go to the Master Pages panel and select the page layout you want to edit. The “Default” layout is used for every page after the first one, I’ll talk about editing that.

Double-click on the layout to start the Master Page Editor.

Create several music frames on the page.

The “paper clip” icon at the top left corner of each frame shows the Frame Chain for that frame. Each frame will have different names (like MA, etc).

Clip on the “paper clip” and select the same name (e.g. MA) for frames 1, 3, 5, and a different name for frame 2, 4, 6.

The icons should be displaying something like “MA 1” “MH 1” “MA 2” “MH 2”, etc. The numbers 1,2 are the order in which the music flows from frame to the next. If the order is wrong, you can click on the number and change it.

Finally, you need to select which flow is displayed in each frame chain. Click on the “Flows” icon to the right of the “paper clip” and select the flow you want.

You should end up with something like the attached picture. You then need to make the same edits for the right hand side page and close the Master Page Editor.
page layout example.png

Ok, but you have to make sure the first frame is exactly large enough to show bars 1-10 so that the chain continues on bar 11. Would be easier with an offset value in the frame to just write the bar number where to start. No?


p.s. Thanks Rob, does work nicely and I learned something new but tricky to trim the frame sizes to get right starting point. As I said, would be great to be able to input a bar number also so that you could show different places from a flow on an instructions page for instance. Or actually a start and an end bar number even better.