Frames on upper part of the score?

If I want to make a frame with graphics or text on the side of the title I am forced to stretch it down into the main area of the score, put the text or pic there and then drag the lower edge up to where it should be. Am I missing something here?

I’m not sure what you’re describing. You should be able to resize the existing text and music frames to make room for the graphics frame without any problems. Perhaps you could attach a picture to show the problem you’re experiencing?

It’s not a big thing but to achieve the second pic
I have to pull down the frames like the first pic
otherwise the title frame will open expecting text.

If I would diminish the title frame I might have trouble with centering the title, wouldn’t I?
Skärmavbild 2017-01-02 kl. 8.11.36 fm.png
Skärmavbild 2017-01-02 kl. 8.10.22 fm.png

If you moved the left- and right-hand edges of the text frame containing the title by the same amount, the title would still be centred correctly.

I guess the problem you’re really having is that you can’t double-click the graphics frame to load the actual graphic you want if it’s overlapping with the text frame. We hope to be able to improve the behaviour of the z-ordering of overlapping objects in the relatively near future.

Correct, that’s it. It’s not really a big problem at all, I just wondered if I missed something.
Thank you Daniel.
And by the way, I was not able to work extensively with the program so I felt somewhat confused, especially like “where did I see how to do that, and where was that setting found” but it feels better and better. So I’m enjoying your great work more and more.

Is there, or will there be, and option to show horizontal & vertical rulers or grids in Engrave mode?
I think I saw that mentioned somewhere as a future upgrade, but I want to check to be sure.

Not sure where on the forum, but there was an answer that grids were planned and also ‘locking’ to other frame edges.
The little square handles don’t help with this either at the moment.