Frames Question: How was this sample page done?

I’m looking at the Dorico resources page and I’m wondering how this Index page for Bach Inventions was created.

Specifically, was all of the text (meaning the title of each invention, the number in front of the brace, and the page #) added in individual text frames, or is there a way to globally either import these from (what I assume are) separate flows, or else set up a template (with tokens?) so that each frame is identically placed?


Take a look at
at around the 27:30 mark.

Thanks! I was the one who’d asked about that on Facebook… I actually watched that video today and have been trying that feature out. The flow title isn’t moving with the music, and so I was wondering if I was missing something in that regard. I can always type them out, but the overlapping frames that are resulting from trying that are a bit of a pain to manage afterwards if I want to shift something around.

Yes, you have to add individual text frames for the titles. You can use the new {@flow1title@}, {@flow2title@} (etc…) tokens to get flow titles from multiple flows on the same page.