Frank Arnold - 24 Hours After Midnight (Full Track)

24 Tracks in Cubase… and with this track I made the decision to use the internal Cubase 10.5 EQ (I like this layering feature with other tracks to show overlapping frequencies)

Ok, I’ve used this synth
Synclavier (Arturia)
SEM (Arturia)
CS80 (Arturia)
Serum (Bass)
Repro 5
Alicia Keys
and Echoboy, Echoboy Jr, UltraReverb, Cubase Multitap Delay, Blackhole, Cubase Autopan, Valhalla Plate/VintageVerb, OneKnob Pumper, ReplikaXT… Slate plugins, bx_digital, Sonalksis SV 315, RCompressor, VC2A,…

Still a little short but a beginning :wink:

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I really like it! You know what, I watch a lot of real estate videos on YouTube of nice homes like in LA and stuff and your music would be great as a back ground music while they show off these amazing properties! I’ve found some very nice songs while watching these videos. Who knows, could be a way in and getting more people to discover your music :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know what you mean!
Unfortunately I have no connections in the real estate industry but I am open for everything :wink:

Neither do I but just look on YouTube on luxury houses in LA, google the names of the comapany producing them :smiley:

Your music is soothing to the senses.

Thank you Wyatt :blush:

Track is finished and here the full version :wink:

Listen on Soundcloud